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E-BOOK: ''Profits 4 You''

E-Book  Profits4You

You also can order my exclusive E-Book:

Profits 4 You

   Store Price:
€ 699.00
   Online Price:
€ 499.00
   You Save:
€ 200.00 (- 30%)
   Member Price
€ 399.00 (- 43%)


I am a professional trader with more than 30 years of trading-experience and I like to share my trading success with you.  My main objective as a trader is to realize an average profit that I can become every trading day with a good and solid trading system   –> my daily goal !


In my online trading room I show & proof to you how I become

  +/- € 300.00 trading profits almost EVERY trading day!
realized with a small investment: +/- € 2,500.00

You can calculate for yourself the potential weekly or monthly income that can be generated just by following my Smart Trading Signals.

I am offering to show you exactly how I successfuly trade for a living, using consistently my system. Simply by following my signals & trades it‘s also possible that you can become these great results. Learn from a real professional trader who trade with real money, in real time, with real profits, real trade executions and real profit/risk management techniques.

Don’t miss this great opportunity, for a monthly fee you can subscribe for your STS-membership and you can look over my shoulder in my online trading room and follow all the trades that I make every trading day.


     Total Net. Results FDax 2015: (Click here)
+ € 41,522.00
+ 2768 %
     Total Net. Results FDax 2014: (Click here)
+ € 34,475.00
+ 2298 %
     Total Net. Results FDax 2013: (Click here)
+ € 39,562.00
+ 2637 %
     Total Net. Results FDax 2012: (Click here)
+ € 32,995.00
+ 2200 %


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Smart Trading Signals: SUBSCRIPTION
  1 Month**  3 Months 6 Months
Price € 398.00 Price € 998.00 Price € 1,898.00

(** = Only NEW members can use the first month subscription to try-out my online Trading Room)


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“Last month, I have followed  and also participated about 75% of all the published real-time trades  at Twitter . My subscription is already paidback  for the next six months!  Thanks  SmartTrading.”

Samuel L. , United Kingdom

"Ik ben een nieuwkomer bij SmartTradingSignals en ik kan zeggen dat ik mij zeer bevoorrecht voel om deel te kunnen nemen. Vanaf de eerste trade had ik mijn  inschrijfgeld al meer dan terugverdiend en dit binnen enkele uurtjes tijd.  Grote klasse gewoon! "

Bert P. , Nederland

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